Artwork Requirements

Sending art to Harlan Vance: Art can be accepted on DVD’s, CD’s and Email. Art must be accompanied by a color copy of artwork



Please send files separately or compressed (Zip). Please keep your file(s) size as not to exceed 5MB, submitting multiple file in multiple emails is fine. E-Mails must be accompanied by a pdf file to show colors so art may be properly separated (a hard copy given to the salesman is acceptable as well).


A approval sheet must be completed and returned to HVC before the order can be printed or sewn. Ask salesmen for details so your order will not be delayed.



Art will be sized for maximum imprint area unless specified. If size and/or positioning is not specified, Harlan Vance will use its staffs discretion for best overall appearance.



Spot color requires Black and White, camera ready, color separated artwork ( digital files MUST be vectored format so our art department may separate for the process that will be used). If your artwork requires PMS colors to be matched you must specify this or our common colors will be used that match as close as possible to the art.


4 COLOR PROCESS Original art pieces may be sent, however Harlan Vance will not be liable for damage incurred during the separation process. Digital files must be RGB and original scans (second or third generation of scans will not print as clear as originals). Also because of the nature of the screen printing process any reproductions of printed pieces is subject to distortion.



All files must be submitted in either PC compatible or Mac. All fonts/type must be converted to “outlines” or “paths”. Please include all support files for the images (scans, photos, clipart, logos, etc.) placed or used in the art piece. Digital files must be compatible with one of the following programs/formats. PC- Illustrator 7, Adobe CS InDesign 5, CorelDRAW X6, Photoshop 6. Macintosh- Illustrator 7 (newer versions are acceptable if saved down), Photoshop 5.


Please feel free to contact us with any further questions.